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  • 2014-11-04
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Where farming, food, and fun come together in a sustainable way.

We are pleased to announce our volunteer programs provide to learn organic way.We currently provide programming to everyone ages 18-35 throughout organic farms, permaculture farms, and educational farms. 
Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on organic farming experience. All are welcome to volunteer; including groups, couples, businesses, and individuals.

Volumeteers will learn ; 

  • Compost and maintain soil health
  • Cook and preserve food
  • Grow an organic garden from seed
  • Identify numerous plant species
  • Identify nutrients/chemicals in food
  • Identify avian and aquatic species
  • Make a biodegradable seed pot for sprouts
  • Use microscopes to study plant life at the cellular level
  • Upcycle and create art with found objects


Volumeteers will also have opportunities to take hikes, play games, interact with farm animals, sing songs, participate in a scavenger hunt, eat healthy foods and just be kids! 

Volumeteers can assist with a variety of farm tasks such as planting, harvesting, and weeding. There are also farm projects for those with carpentry and electrical skills. Or if you just enjoy cooking, cleaning, photography, painting, sewing, teaching, or any other past time let’s talk about how you can help!


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For more information about volunteering on the farm, please contact our Volumeteer Coordinator.