Find a cheap flight ticket

  • 2014-10-12
  • How to find a cheap flight ticket, Skycanner for volunteers, Budget airline tickets, Flight tickets for backpackers

Hello Dear Volumeteers

Yes we know that if you go to the long distance from your country, you should book flight ticket and that's trouble for all volunteers. 
Firstly , we always offer that you should delete your cookies because if you visit any website sells flight ticket they can increase prices for your next searchs. Also they are gonna send to you " Hurry up , pick the best prices". 

Let see that how we find flight tickets as a cheap way. 


        It is a good source to check best options for your flight. However we do not use skyscanner for booking a flight ticket or checking prices. We use skyscanner to find best and cheap airport for you.At the first step , you should write your airport ( like London) , the next step you should write " Everywhere". This trick will help you that whic airport is really cheap to flight.If you find any of them close your destination pick it up. 


      If you are looking for long destination flights, you do not need to check any other websites.Expedia gives you the best price. (Yes they are.) You can search like New York to Berlin or else. If you also book Expedia they give you good discount for hotel prices. You can also you use "Multiple Search" it also gives to good chance to find best tickets for long and different destinations. 


     it has a specific feature for called " Name Your Own Price". When you open you can see this label, that makes you can decide your flight ticket price, after they will make a bid for you and if they buy it, yes you are lucky :)

4- Low Cost Airlines.

     If you do not have huge luggages, this airlines can be fit for you. However we always sugeest this airlines for short destinations and in Europe. You can the list of Low Cost Airlines here.