• 2014-09-30
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Together we can make a difference ! 

We are young social entrepreneurs for working eco-system and to make better impact on the one of our project to bring people together.

How works.

We want to make our programs very easy and we organize a map for you, it will let you know the exact location of  volunteer options. This map provides you where each host located in certain countries, you can read short description about hosts and by clicking you can reach full information about host.

If you are not a member of , you can register yourself and update your profile.When you update your profile hosts can see you and they can send you a message about their volunteer options.If you like this offer, you can also contact with them.It's completely free. Apart from this , you can be premium member and you can reach all details of hosts.

That's so simple like 1, 2 3 :)