1) What is Volumeteer.org ?
Volumeteer.org is an online platform that provides you voluntary opportunities in anywhere in the world from Mexico to Australia, from China to Canada. 
2) In what kind of wolunteer works can I work ?
When you go abroad, you will have a chance to work voluntary for Non Governmental Organizations, Hotels & Accommodation , Teaching Your Language, Homestays , Farmstays and those who invite people for volunteer jobs.
3) What will I earn in exchange for working ?
Your hosts will be providing free food and accommodation but please bear in mind that you cannot earn money during the programs.
4) How many hours do I have to work while working as volunteer ?
While working as volunteer, you will be responsible for working roughly 5 - 6 days in a week and 4 - 5 hours. Yet, in every projects you can work for different hours, it is basically between 5 to 32 hours in a week.
5 ) Who can participate in Volumeteer.org's voluntary works ?
Actually, there is no age restriction to become member to Volumeteer.org. However, since you will be acting as volunteer and help people, you should be like 18 - 35 years old. Yet, if you feel young, please apply :)
6) After becoming member, What will I see regarding the hosts ?
You will be able to see host's country, profile information, business type, phone number.
7) After becoming premium member, What will I see regarding the hosts ?
Beside to see all information when you were regular member, you will have chance too see host's contact information. So that, you will make connection directly to hosts and you will begin to talk.
8) How much does it cost to be premium member to Volumeteer.org ?
It is 10 euros, 12 dollars and 8 pounds for 6 months membership.Also, 25 euros, 30 dollars and 19 pounds for two years membership.
9) Can you organise my visa and invitation letter ?
Of course we may help you, we are your friends :)