If you decide your destination , now you can check visa options. 

You need to get tourist travel visa or working holiday Visa.In some countries , maybe you do not need to get visa please check it before.

There are many visa schemes available worldwide for young travellers to take advantage of. The general criteria for obtaining visas includes:

  1. Your main intention is to be volunteer and holiday.
  2. You should be 18 to 30 years old.
  3. You should provide health insurance
  4. You should be single or married without any kind of relationships
  5. You should prove your bank account has sufficient funds for your travel and your volunteer days. (appx30 euros per day)
  6. You should have flight tickets reservation for visa application. (You do not need to buy it.)
  7. if you need visa letter or invitation please contact with us and tell about your story.We are alive and we will help you or call us
  8. For Eu citizens , US citizens , UK citizens , Australia Citizens , you are free to stay 90 days in most of the country, please check your visa instructions.

    Visas usually last for 12 months, however visa for USA is 10 years and visa for Europe around your volunteer days.